Design Challenges
Nearly one of the last projects done in class was this. My partner and I were required to challenge ourselves by designing a toy train car. We had to work through all the steps of the Design Process and were also required to create a presentation that would communicate our product to our classmates. Here is document for the project:
Train Car Design Brief

Client Company:
A Miniature Train Manufacturer

Target Consumer:
All Ages


Problem Statement:
A miniature train manufacturer has asked your design team to create a train car that can be hooked to the train engine car. The train car must be the same relative scale as the engine car.

Design Statement:
Design and model a train car that can hook on the engine car created in Project 2.3.1a Miniature Train.

  1. Must have a minimum of seven different parts once assembled.
  2. Must be the same scale as the engine car.
  3. Must be able to attach to the engine car.

Design Challenges brainstorming and sketches PDF

Design Challenges PDF---Train car----includes multiviews of most important parts

Click here to see pictures of the actual train car created on Inventor.

Click here to view the Visual Presentation. Keep in mind that the last page of the presentation is an Advertisment (one of the requirements to the project.)