Answer to essential questions from Unit 2.1

1. Some examples of geometric shapes are circles, ellipses, polygons, triangles, quadrilateral, and parallelograms.

2. The two-dimensional shapes most often associated with three-dimensional forms are circles, rectangles, triangles.

3. Designers must know the volume and surface area of an object because they must know how much space the object has inside it to put certain parts in the object and to see how much the object weighs to see if it can fit somewhere without breaking it

4. Geometric constraints would be applied during the sketching section of the drawing where as the numeric constraints would be applied while dimensioning

5. An additive process is one that adds on material to an existing part or solid object to make it larger in mass. A subtractive process is one that forces down material off of a part or solid object in order to make it smaller or lighter weight, similar to "cutting."


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